Triggered Insaan Age, Net Worth, Height, Phone Number

Hello friends, in today’s article we are going to tell you who is a Triggered Insaan Age. Along with this, we will also know what the age of Triggered is. Along with this, we will also know about Triggered and its total cost. Friends, you have written about the biography and net worth of popular people on our website. By reading which you can increase your knowledge.

Who is Triggered Insaan

Triggered Insaan is an Indian YouTuber, gamer, roaster, Instagram creator, social media influencer, etc. Most people know Triggered Insaan because of his roasting. In today’s times, Triggered Insan is one of the most popular rosters in India because Triggered Insan makes one of the YouTube Channel with more than 18 million subscribers on youtube channel.

Triggered Insaan Age

Triggered Insaan Age

Triggered Insaan was born on November 14, 1995, into a middle-class family in New Delhi, India, the capital of India. Triggered insaan has been very fond of doing comedy since childhood. In 2023, Triggered Insaan age is 27 years.

Triggered Insaan Phone Number

Friends, you are a big fan of triggered insaan, so you know very well that triggered insaan has not made his phone number public. If he makes his number public, then he may have to face a lot of problems.

Triggered Insaan Height, Weight

Triggered Insaan pay a lot of attention to their health. If we talk about the weight of a triggered Insaan, then their weight is about 75 kg and height is about 6 feet.

Age28 Year old (2023)
Height6 Feet
DOB14 November 1995

Triggered Insaan Net Worth

Triggered Insaan Net Worth In today’s time, the main income source of Triggered Insaan is YouTube Ads, Brand Deals, Sponsorship, Paid Promotion etc. Apart from this, Triggered Insaan earn money by using many methods.

Friends, as you know, in today’s time, Triggered takes lakhs of rupees for sponsorship. Wanting to tell you your information, he has not yet told him in front of the public what his total worth is.

But, according to the report websites, the net worth of Triggered Insaan is around $2.5 million which is increasing with time.

Triggered Insaan Biography

Triggered Insaan Biography: Triggered Insaan was born in a middle-class family. Triggered Insaan is an online video creator who uploads his videos on YouTube, the most popular of which is roasting.

The triggered insaan very hard to reach this point today, but the triggered Insaan did not give up and did his work with full dedication, due to which people also liked him a lot and supported him, due to which the triggered insaan is at this point today. Be able to reach

Behind this huge success of Triggered Insaan, his hard work and the support of his family has also been a lot, due to which he could become so popular today.

Triggered Insaan Real NameNishchay Malhan
Nick nameTriggered Insaan
Birth PlaceNew Delhi
Current CityNew Delhi India
Home TownNew Delhi
Screenshot 63

Triggered Insaan Real Name

Triggered Insaan is an Indian YouTuber whose real name is Nischay Malhan, who is a resident of Delhi, the capital of India. Most people know Nischay Malhan by the name of Triggered Insaan.

Triggered Insaan House Address

Triggered Insaan (Nishchay Malhan) lives in Chitrakoot Apartments in Pritampura, New Delhi, India. Very few of the Triggered Insaan fans know his house address.

Triggered Insaan Monthly Income

The main income source of Nischay Malhan (Triggered Insaan) is his YouTube channel. He earns more than 50 lakhs every month by using his YouTube, which is his only one month’s earning.

What is the age of Nischay Malhan

Nishchay Malhan was born on 14 November 1995 in Chitrakoot Apartment, Pritampur, New Delhi. People know Nischay Malhan because of his YouTube channel. He has more than 18.2 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

What is the rank of Nischay Malhan

Friends, as you know, there are lakhs of roasting channels in India. But Triggered Insaan is the second most subscribed YouTube channel in India.


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Triggered Insaan Net Worth?

Triggered Insaan net worth approx $2.5 million

Triggered Insaan Age?

Triggered Insan was born on 14 November 1995 into a middle-class family in New Delhi, India, the capital of India. This time triggered insaan 28 year old in (2023)

Triggered Insaan Phone Number?

Triggered Insaan Phone Number 9399xxxxxx

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