Anthony Levandowski Net Worth 2023

Anthony Levandowski is a very smart person who helps make cars that can drive themselves. He worked with companies called Google and Uber to make their self-driving cars better. He was born in a place called Brussels in a different country, but now lives in America.

Anthony Levandowski is a person who is very rich and has two different citizenships. He is also an engineer from France and America who made cars that can drive themselves.

Anthony Levandowski

Anthony Levandowski Early Life and Education

Anthony grew up in Marin County, California and went to Marin Catholic High School. He then went to the University of California, Berkeley and studied mechanical engineering. Later, he went to Carnegie Mellon University and got a master’s degree in robotics.

Anthony Levandowski
ProfessionCo-Founder of Pronto
Date of Birth15 March 1980 ( 43 years old )
Place of BirthBrussels, Belgium
Anthony Levandowski Net Worth$50 million

DARPA Grand Challenge

Anthony was new to things, but he was really clever. He made a special computer system in his basement. Then, in 2004, he worked with other smart people from UC Berkeley to build a motorcycle that can drive itself! This motorcycle even took part in a big competition called the DARPA Grand Challenge.

There is a special motorcycle called Ghostrider that is in a big museum called the National Museum of American History, which is part of the Smithsonian Institution.

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Waymo Project

Levandowski finished school and went to work in a place called Silicon Valley. He helped make some things for big companies like Google and 3com. When he was working for Google, he helped make a map that you can use on your phone and a car that can drive itself called Waymo.

Anthony Levandowski Career

Anthony Levandowski started working with robots at Carnegie Mellon University. Then, in 2007, he started working for Google on a project to make cars drive all by themselves. This project eventually became Waymo.

Anthony Levandowski helped make cars that can drive themselves for Google. He was really important in a big competition they won in 2007.

Trucking Company OTTO

A man named Levandowski left his job at Google to start a company that makes trucks drive by themselves. Another company called Uber liked his idea so much that they bought it for a lot of money and made Levandowski in charge of making their cars drive by themselves.

A man named Levandowski started a company called Otto, but he got in trouble because another company called Waymo said he took their secret ideas before he left. In 2018, Levandowski had a lot of money but had to give some of it to Waymo because he did something wrong.

If some bad things didn’t happen to him, Anthony Levandowski could have had twice as much money as he has now. But even with those bad things, he could still make a lot of money in the future and maybe even have over $100 million.

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Notable Facts About Anthony Levandowski

Alma Mater means the university that someone went to, like the University of California, Berkeley. A profession is a job that someone does, like being a self-driving car engineer or co-founding a company called Pronto, which is what Anthony Levandowski does.

Anthony is famous for doing some bad things, like taking other people’s secrets and starting a company called Waymo. But he also did some good things, like making a cool movie called Ghost Rider and creating the first car that can drive itself on the roads called “Pribot”.

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth

Anthony Levandowski has a lot of money, about $50 million, but he has had some problems with the law and money that have made him lose some of it.

Personal Life Anthony Levandowski

Anthony Levandowski is a man who is married to his wife Rasa and they have two kids. He got in trouble for taking things that belonged to his work about cars that can drive themselves. He was charged with 33 counts of doing this.

The person admitted to taking something that didn’t belong to them and was told they had to go to a special place for a year and a half.

Anthony Levandowski Age & Height

Anthony Levandowski is a grown-up who will be 43 years old in 2023. He is very tall, measuring 6 feet and 6 inches or 198 centimeters. He has done really well in his work and has made important contributions to technology. He is expected to keep doing great things in the future.

Business Ventures

Anthony has a lot of money and likes to use it to help different companies. He is part of a team that helps new companies get started and is on the board of directors for some companies that make cars that can drive themselves.

Criminal Conviction

Someone named Levandowski was in trouble with the law because he took some important information from a company called Waymo that was working on cars that drive themselves.

A long time ago, when he left his job at Google, Mr. Levandowski took lots of important files from a project called Chauffeur that came before Waymo. This made Google very upset.

Someone took important information about how to make self-driving cars and put it on their personal computer before leaving their job.

Then, he said he started a new company called Pronto that makes trucks go by themselves. Anthony helped start it too. He also said that Robbie Miller, who makes sure everyone stays safe, will be the boss of the company.

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