Liver King, Brian Johnson Net Worth

In today’s article, we are going to tell you who the Liver King is. We have given a lot of important information, like Brian Johnson net worth, in this article. If you want to know about the liver king, then today’s article is only for you. Read the article carefully until the end so that you will learn something new.

Brian Johnson Net Worth in 2023

Liver King’s real name is Brian Johnson. And if we talk about his total net worth, then in today’s time, the main income source of Liver King is the business of supplements. Because he earns a lot of money every month, friends, let us inform you that the Liver King has not yet told Liver in front of the public how much he is worth, but today we will tell you.

Brian Johnson Net Worth

It has been found in a report on a website that Liver King 2023 earns more than $1 million from the business of his supplements. Only Lever King knows the truth. Only this matters, whereas today, Liver King earns 1 million dollars. They earn more than $1 million, but in 2018, they were able to earn only $ 0.1 million.

Net Worth In 2023$1.2 Million Doller
Net Worth In 2022$0.9 Million Doller
Net Worth In 2021$0.6 Million Doller
Net Worth In 2020$0.4 Million Doller
Net Worth In 2019$0.3 Million Doller
Net Worth In 2018$0.1 Million Doller

Who is Liver King or Brian Johnson?

Liver King is an American gym trainer, fitness influencer, businessman, etc. Most of you know Liver King because of his body and business. Brian Johnson does something other than business, but he has not disclosed much on social media about what he does other than business.

Liver King Biography 2023

Liver Ling’s real name is Brian Johnson. He was born on March 9, 1977, in America. Today, Liver King is 45 years old. Brian Johnson has been very fond of bodybuilding since childhood, and his dream was always to become a bodybuilder, for which he had struggled a lot in his life, due to which he has become a successful person today.

Liver Ling tells the story of how his father died when he was young, and then he and his mother moved to San Antonio. There, he was often bullied and beaten by other children. One day, a new pair of sneakers were stolen from his locker, and he showed up to school with a positive attitude.

Brian first met the liver queen when he was snowboarding after starting a job with a pharmaceutical company. This allowed him to indulge in expensive activities like skiing and snowboarding. Before he met Barbara,

The liver king’s future wife, Brian’s parents were frequently in and out of the hospital due to a variety of illnesses and allergies. When Brian’s sons were young, their parents needed help taking care of them.

Liver King Wikipedia

NameBrian Johnson
Nick NameLiver King
ProfessionBodybuilder, Businessman, Influencer, Gym Trainer
Birth PlaceAmerican
Home TownAmerican
Current CitySan Antonio American
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Speaking LanguageEnglish

Liver King Height, weight, and age

Many of you search on Google for Liver King’s age, height, and weight, but if you do not get the correct answer, then we will tell you the correct answer. Liver King’s age in 2023 will be 45. Liver King’s height is around 6 feet, and his weight is around 80 kg.

Age45 year old (2023)
Height6 feet
Date of Birth9 February 1977
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorBlack
Skin colorBrown

Liver King’s girlfriend and wife

Liver King is married, and he is very happy in his life with his wife, Barbara Johnson, so there is no question about a girlfriend. Liver King has two children named Stryker Johnson and Rad Johnson.

Liver King’s Career

An influencer is someone who owns and runs a company that specialises in advertising and promoting healthy living habits. They believe that by following the ways our ancestors ate, we can improve our health and wellbeing. They rarely recommend cooking, drinking alcohol, eating processed foods, or spending too much time indoors.

The Liver King has a lot of money. He gets some of his money from things like money and investments, but he also gets some of his money from things like sunlight and eating healthy foods. He believes in a theory called the ancestral theory, and his diet is based on that.

Based on what we can see, it’s likely that this person is taking a steroid, like Trenbolone. However, we can’t be certain, so we’ll have to wait and see what he reveals about his medication use. Trenbolone and liver king are both very toxic to each other, and this is why you ended up here.

Liver King’s Favourite Hobbies

Friends, if you follow Liver King on Instagram, then you should know about his hobbies. If you do not know, then below you will find an explanation on the table.


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